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Prayer Module

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” 
- Martin Luther - 

Prayer: Session 1

Why We Pray

In this session we will explore what the point and purpose of prayer is and how it can enhance your spiritual life and your relationship with God. 

Prayer: Session 2

Impediments to Prayer

We will explore what impediments or struggles we have with prayer.

Prayer: Session 3

Spiritual Types

In this session we will explore what “spiritual type” you are. Spirituality is the “inner dimension” of faith.

Prayer: Session 4

Prayers of Petition & Intercession

Petitioning God on behalf of ourselves, or others, is one of the ways we live out our relationship with God, recognizing our total dependency upon God.

Prayer: Session 5

Praying the Psalms

The Psalms are the Bible's built-in prayer book.

Prayer: Session 6

Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative prayer is about making oneself aware of the presence of God who is always there.

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