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Welcome to Pathways, a small group guide for growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. Pathways is designed to help individuals in the context of small groups become more dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is about deepening your relationship with Jesus through spiritual disciplines. Discipleship is a way of being and relating not only to the divine, but to one another. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is about being changed by God’s love into the person God has called you to be. It involves immersing ourselves in God’s Word, communicating with God through prayer, and serving our fellow human beings.

Setting Up Your Small Group

If you have not already established your small group, download this starter guide on basic guidelines and suggestions for how to best organize and set one up. 

Introductory Session

This is the first session in our introductory series of videos that will focus on the three basic elements of discipleship: Prayer, Bible Study and Service. (Use this when you gather for the first time)

We suggest you do the modules in this order: Prayer, Bible Study, then Service. These modules each build upon each other so you use things you learn in one in the next one.

Click here to access the six sessions on Prayer: 

  • Why We Pray

  • Impediments to Prayer

  • Spiritual Types

  • Petition & Intercession

  • Praying the Psalms

  • Contemplative Prayer

Click here to access the seven sessions on Bible Study: 

  • Introduction to Bible Study

  • Historical Approach

  • Literary Approach

  • Theological Approach

  • Formational Study

  • Meditative

  • Directing Imagination

Click here to access the three sessions on Service: 

  • Discerning Your Call

  • Being Christ in the World

  • Your Calling

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