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Welcome to Pathways, a small group guide for growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. Pathways is designed to help individuals in the context of small groups become more dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ. Discipleship is about deepening your relationship with Jesus through spiritual disciplines. Discipleship is a way of being and relating not only to the divine, but to one another. 

Why should I join a Pathways Small Group?

Pathways is about being changed by God’s love into the person God has called you to be. It involves immersing ourselves in God’s Word, communicating with God through prayer, serving our fellow human beings...all while deepening our relationships with one another. 


Over the course of 17 sessions, our introductory small group lesson plan takes you through the basics of how to deepen your prayer life, learn how to study scripture on your own, ways to serve God's people, and get to know members of your group forming fast friendships and a support network. 


Your group works at their own pace and decides whether to meet weekly, monthly, bi-monthly - or in shorter, six week segments with breaks in between. It's really up to you! Most sessions will take between 1 - 1 1/2 hours, depending on how chatty you all are. 

Groups can be in-person or online via zoom.

What do our Pathways leaders have to say?

Hear how Pathways can benefit your daily life.

Pathways develops relationships.

Leading & participating is easy!

Things you start to learn about yourself

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