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Saturday - 6 pm (Palm City)
The Saturday evening service is liturgically traditional, the pastors and choir do not wear robes and it's an easy-going, laid back worship experience. Holy Communion is celebrated every week.


Sunday - 9:30 am (Palm City)

Utilizing the latest in Christian music, this upbeat, exciting service is led by a band rather than an organ. The worship experience is designed for those who want to sing contemporary music but still have a strong Gospel-centered experience. After the Children's Sermon, the young ones are excused for "Children’s Church," which takes place in the Faith Development Center in room 202. Holy Communion is celebrated every week.

Sunday - 10 am (Stuart) & 11:15 am (Palm City)
This is a traditionally-based service that utilizes a blend of both old and new liturgies and hymns according to the church season. The Chancel Choir sings at only at this service. Holy Communion is celebrated at every service. 



Worship & Praise Service (9:30)
Traditional Worship
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