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In personal prayer we speak to God, but in meditative prayer we allow God to speak to us.

Never before has there been such a need to rediscover the quiet art of meditative prayer. If we are not careful, the many distractions of this world will drown out the still, small voice of God within our hearts and make us numb to our spiritual needs.  We need to find a quiet place to be with God and hear His word. In stillness and solitude God speaks to our hearts and fills us with the refreshing presence of his Spirit.


You can listen to meditations at home on your own and utilize it throughout the week to focus your mind and relax your body. (Note: this is not the form of "yoga" many may be familiar with that is used as a means of toning and exercise. This is strictly a spiritual practice that involves light stretching in order to relax the body in order to ready it for focused meditation.)

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