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Women's Ministries

At Immanuel we know that fellowship activities that involve just spending time with fellow Christians is an important aspect to the Christian life. We offer the following fellowship opportunities.

Deborah Circle

Second Monday of each month at 3PM in the choir room. Contact Deacon Cheryl Gundersdorff 221-8939.

Our mission is three-fold. First, through real life relating Bible study we grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Second, we minister to our community by assembling layettes for indigent babies born at our local hospital. From time to time we also minister through other community organizations and Immanuel events. Third, we also minister to each other through our fellowship together in Word, service, and joining together for the evening meal following our meeting. 


Sisters In Spirit

Third Tuesday of each month at 7PM at Panera Bread in Palm City. Contact Deacon Cheryl Gundersdorff 221-8939.

Growing in our friendship is an important mission of our group. Some months we study God’s Word to grow in our friendship with Jesus our Lord and Savior and some months we gather just to fellowship with one another. Each month we choose a local ministry to support in some fashion. We usually meet at Panera Bread in Palm City and sometimes at member’s homes. Come make new friends!

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