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We are looking a three possible weekly dates/times for this group to meet. When you sign up, select ALL the times that would work for you. The options are:

Monday evenings, 6pm

Wednesdays at noon

Thursdays at noon

What is "Companions in Christ"?

Companions in Christ is a small group, 28-week journey broken into five sections that explores: the Christian journey, scripture, prayer, your call, and spiritual guidance. Approach every area of the Christian life (stewardship, mission, worship renewal, prayer, Bible Study, service, etc) from the perspective of enhancing your relationship with the living God.

What will we study?

  • Introductory week

  • Part 1 (5 weeks) - “Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ”
    A basic exploration of spiritual formation as a journey toward holiness and wholeness, individually and in community, through the grace of God.

  • Part 2 (5 weeks) - “Feeding on the Word: The Mind of Christ”
    An introduction to several ways of meditating on and praying with scripture.

  • Part 3 (6 weeks) - “Deepening Our Prayer: The Heart of Christ”
    A guided experience of various forms and styles of prayer.

  • Part 4 (5 weeks) - “Responding to Our Call: The Work of Christ”
    A presentation of vocation or call; giving ourselves to God in radical obedience and receiving the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Part 5 (5 weeks) - “Exploring Spiritual Guidance: The Spirit of Christ”
    An overview of different ways of receiving and offering spiritual guidance, from one-on-one relationship to spiritual growth groups to guidance in congregational life as a whole.

  • Closing Retreat

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